The home inspection business may seem strange or opaque. After all, unless you work in the real estate industry chances are good that you may only have experience with a few home inspections in your lifetime. If you’re preparing to purchase a home for the first time, you may have no experience at all with a home inspection.

One question that may arise concerns who a home inspector actually works for. In a typical real estate transaction, it is common for the buyer’s real estate agent to recommend a few home inspectors. Since the agent is recommending home inspectors and will likely be reviewing the inspection report with the home buyer, it may seem that the home inspector actually works for the real estate agent.

The truth is that the home inspector works for their client – that is, the person who retained the inspector’s services, paid the inspection fee, and signed the inspection agreement. In most cases, the client is a home buyer, owner, or seller.

When you contract with Frontier Inspections, LLC to perform an inspection we are working for you and you alone. As an inspection company, our job is to be concerned with your interests and to make sure you have the most complete and accurate information possible. In this way, you are prepared with the information that you need to make the best decisions about a significant investment.

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