Home inspections are, for the most part, visual inspections of the areas of the home that can be readily observed by the inspector. In other words, we do our best to find any problems with a home, but we are not able to open walls or take a roof apart in search of hidden problems. Sometimes too environmental conditions may make it impossible to access or view certain portions of a home (like snow and ice during winter).

Fortunately, there are tools that allow an inspector to see things that might otherwise remain invisible during a home inspection. At Frontier Inspections, LLC we take advantage of these tools to provide a thorough inspection because that’s exactly what you deserve.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging technology provides a digital representation of any spots in the home that are hotter or colder than the surrounding areas. Essentially, the thermal imaging camera provides a color heat map of temperature anomalies in the home. This high-tech, digital image helps a trained inspector to identify areas in a home that may be impacting energy efficiency or where a leak or moisture intrusion may be occurring.

Thermal imaging is included with our full home inspections at no extra cost. We believe it’s just the right way to perform a home inspection, and it’s the way we would want an inspection performed for a loved one or friend.

Thermal imaging inspections are also available as a standalone service for a reasonable charge. A thermal imaging inspection can quickly pay for itself through energy savings or by identifying moisture problems before further damage occurs.

Thank you for considering Frontier Inspections, LLC for your thermal imaging inspection needs. You can schedule a full home inspection (thermal imaging included at no extra cost) or a standalone thermal imaging inspection. Contact us by phone at 307-670-3706 or by email at frontierinspectionsllc@gmail.com with any questions.