The roof is a critical component of any home, but it is also difficult (if not impossible) for most homeowners to properly and thoroughly inspect. One challenge is accessing the roof, while another challenge is knowing what to look for when inspecting a roof.

We do not actually walk on roofs during most inspections. No state that licenses home inspectors and neither of the major home inspection certification organizations (InterNACHI and ASHI) require inspectors to walk on roofs. While we used to walk roofs whenever possible, there are a couple of reasons why we have changed our roof inspection strategy.

First, it is not safe for an inspector to walk on a roof. Professional roofers utilize specialty equipment when working on roofs and still pay some of the highest worker compensation rates of any industry due to the prevalence and severity of injuries.

Second, walking on a roof during an inspection involves a risk of damaging the roof covering materials (shingles, tiles, etc). We never want to damage your property while performing an inspection.

We will, however, still inspect the roof as thoroughly as possible from the ground, using tools like binoculars and a camera pole, and with a drone as weather conditions and FAA regulations allow.

Ultimately, staying off your roof allows us to work as safely as possible while minimizing the risk of accidentally damaging the roof. We are still able to see what we need to see using a variety of tools and techniques.

Regardless of the inspection approach(es) that we employ, we will inspect the roof as thoroughly as possible and will provide photos with the report so that you are able to see the same things that we did on the roof.

A roof inspection is included with our home inspections, but is also available as a standalone service for a reasonable charge.

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