Frontier Inspections, LLC is your Wyoming home inspector. When you choose Frontier Inspections, LLC for your home inspection you have a Wyoming owned and operated inspection company working for you.

We provide home inspection services around Wyoming, including:

  • Buyer Home Inspections – The most common reason for a home inspection being performed is at the request of a home buyer during the home purchase process.
  • Pre-sale Home Inspections – Home sellers may choose to have a pre-sale inspection performed to avoid unpleasant surprises and delays during the home sale process.
  • Maintenance Home Inspections – Home owners may have routine, maintenance home inspections performed to stay on top of any developing issues. Maintenance inspections are most often performed once per year.

In addition to complete home inspections, we also offer a range of additional services to home owners and home buyers.

  • Drone Imaging Services – Drone inspections, photography, and videography by an FAA licensed drone pilot. We have a fleet of quality drones ready to deploy for your next aerial project.
  • Thermal Imaging – There are things that may be going on in your home that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Thermal imaging inspections allow us to see temperature differences that may indicate moisture problems, water leaks, and areas that are contributing to heat or cooling inefficiency.
  • Roof Inspections – Many homeowners do not want to climb on a roof to check on the condition of the roofing materials, flashing, chimneys, and roof protrusions. A properly installed roof should last many years unless there is damage from weather or some other problem, but detecting small roof issues early often leads to substantial savings.
  • Deck Inspections – A deck or patio area can significantly increase the enjoyment of your home, but how do you know if it’s safe? Unfortunately, decks do sometimes fail and collapse if not built or maintained properly. A professional deck inspection allows you to enjoy your home outdoors while still having peace of mind about the condition of exterior structures.

Your Wyoming Home Inspector

Frontier Inspections, LLC is your Wyoming home inspector solution. Whether you need a buyer inspection, pre-sale inspection, maintenance inspection, or a more limited service, we are available and ready to help.

Choosing Frontier Inspections, LLC for your home inspection needs assures that you will work with a friendly professional who is a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) and FAA licensed drone pilot. We are also fully insured.

Contact Frontier Inspections, LLC for your inspection needs by email at or by phone at 307-670-3706 to obtain a free quote or to schedule an inspection.

Thank you for considering Frontier Inspections, LLC for your home inspection needs in Wyoming. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.