Water is essential for life, but it’s also the great destroyer of homes. As we perform home inspections in Wyoming, the one category of defect or problem that we see more than any other is moisture and water damage.

New homes may be affected by water damage, though this is less common. Older homes in particular may have been subject to years of exposure to moisture, water, and the elements. All outside building materials here in Wyoming are exposed to harsh sunlight, wind, rain, snow, and ice throughout the year.

The average age of a home in Wyoming in nearly 50 years old. Here in Campbell County and Gillette where Frontier Inspections, LLC is based the average age is a little newer at 34 years. In Casper and Natrona County the average age is 53 years. As these Wyoming homes age they are naturally exposed to the elements and the effects of wear on the exterior materials.

Thorough and careful maintenance will help considerably with preventing moisture intrusion into the home structure. Many homeowners, unfortunately, are either unaware of aging components that require maintenance or just don’t get around to it for one reason or another. The result is often much more extensive and expensive damage. Roofing materials, flashing, caulk, and paint are all common items that may fail over time and allow water to penetrate the structure of the home.

Another place where extensive damage may occur involves water that falls to the ground outside of the home. Rainwater and snowmelt that drains from a roof should be collected in gutters and carried away from the home. Many homes in Wyoming, however, lack gutters or have gutters that were improperly installed or maintained. The result is often water damage to walls, windows, or the foundation of the home.

Landscape grading also plays an important role in protecting a home from water damage. The general guideline with grading is that the ground should slope downward at least six inches within the first ten feet away from the foundation. Ground that is not sloped, or worse yet that is sloped toward the home, may lead to water collecting around the foundation and causing serious structural damage to the home.

Water is literally the leading cause of damage that we see during Wyoming home inspections. Whether you are a current homeowner interested in preserving your investment or a buyer interested in knowing the true condition of a home that you are considering purchasing, we are available to perform a thorough and professional home inspection.

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