There are several reasons to have a home inspection performed. While a new home purchase is the most common reason, homeowners may also have an inspection performed in preparation for selling the home or to stay informed of any developing maintenance issues.

About Home Inspections

A detailed home inspection will always identify problems because all homes have some problems. It’s been said that old homes have old home problems, while new homes have new home problems. The purpose of a home inspection is not to discourage you from buying a particular home. Instead, it’s to be sure you know as much as possible about the home that you are buying. A thorough home inspection and report allows you to make an informed decision about a home purchase.

Home Inspection Technology

Home inspection standards generally require only a visual observation of the accessible portions of a home. This makes sense as you don’t want a home inspector to be ripping open walls, disassembling plumbing, or removing shingles from the roof in an effort to provide a thorough inspection.

We try to deliver the most thorough inspection possible, however, and for that reason we also utilize advanced technology to supplement what we may see with only our eyes. Some of these tools include drones, thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, and electrical circuit analyzers. These tools exceed the minimum requirements for a home inspection, but they do make a difference in the information that we are able to provide to you.

About Our Inspection Reports

In the recent past, a home inspection report might have consisted of only a few pages and may have highlighted only a handful of major defects. Home buyers today rightly expect more from a home inspection. Our inspection reports include many photos, video clips where they are appropriate, and highlight any defects or areas of concern that are observed during the inspection. Once the inspection report is completed (normally within 24 hours of the inspection), you will have instant online access to the full, easy-to-read report.

Working For You

As home inspectors, we work for you and do our best to identify and inform you about any issues with the home that we think you would want to know about. Our home inspections are conducted in accordance with InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice (SOPs).

Types of Home Inspections

There are a few reasons why a home inspection performed. Some of these include:

  • Home Purchase Inspection
  • Pre-Sale Inspection
  • Maintenance Inspection
  • Insurance Inspection

Home Purchase Inspection

Most inspections are requested by a home buyer prior to purchasing a new home. This inspection provides an opportunity to learn more about the home and its complex systems before completing the purchase.

The layout of the home and the neighborhood may seem perfect, but you owe it to yourself to be sure you are fully informed about the condition of the home. On one hand, a detailed home inspection allows you to have peace of mind about the condition of your new home. On the other hand, if there are problems with the home, an inspection may save you thousands of dollars – or even tens of thousands of dollars – and considerable trouble because you know about the problems in advance.

Pre-Sale Inspection

Homeowners who are considering selling their home may have a pre-sale inspection performed. This inspection provides the homeowner with an opportunity to address any potential issues before listing the home for sale. All homes have at least some issues – even well-maintained homes – and it’s likely that the buyer’s home inspection will turn up some things you may not have noticed.

Knowing what issues are likely to be identified in a buyer’s home inspection allows you to have those items repaired or serviced in advance. This may expedite the sale process and may also serve as a marketing advantage when selling your home.

Maintenance Inspection

Home owners may have routine inspections performed to stay ahead of any developing problems. An annual maintenance inspection allows the home owner to know about small issues before they become larger and potentially more expensive issues.

All homes require maintenance, but many of the systems that might cause problems are hidden or difficult to access. Many homeowners are unable to or simply prefer not to inspect roofs, air conditioning and heating systems, or water heaters, for example. An annual maintenance inspection allows you know in advance when the systems in your home may be approaching the end of their expected service life or are showing signs of failure.

Insurance Inspection

Insurance companies like to know what exactly they are insuring, whether that’s a home, a business, an automobile, etc. While this may be more common in some states than others, a home insurance company will sometimes request a home inspection.

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