Sometimes the view from ground level just isn’t good enough. High-quality photo or video footage of your property recorded by a licensed drone pilot provides a different perspective and can help to identify problem areas that are not accessible or visible from the ground.

One common use of drones is to take photos and videos of roofs that are not safely accessible. Roof inspections are included with our home inspections, but are also available as a standalone service for a reasonable charge.

Drones are also a safe and effective option for obtaining photos or videos of other high or difficult to access areas. Drones are frequently used to survey or inspect utility lines and towers, antennas, and more.

Of course, it’s also just nice to have aerial photos or videos of your property. This may be helpful for insurance documentation, just for fun to share with friends and family on social media, or to post on a personal or business website.

Frontier Inspections, LLC is ready to help whether you simply want aerial photos and videos of your home or ranch or need an aerial inspection performed on your property in Wyoming.

Contact us by email at or phone at 307-670-3706 to schedule your Wyoming drone photo/video services.